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Sustainable Project

Wondertable is promoting a sustainability project in order to realize a sustainable future. Our desire is that people in the world live happily with their dreams in a society that will last for generations to come. In order to achieve such a bright future, we will keep on taking on the challenge of tackling global issues aggressively.


Reducing plastic

Wondertable is working on the reduction of disposable plastic. Since January 2021, we have replaced plastic straws used in all our restaurants and stores with plant-based biodegradable straws made mainly from polylactic acid derived from corn starch. Our petroleum-based to-go packs have also been replaced with ones made of eco-friendly materials of wood and paper. Through these actions, we expect the reduction of plastic equivalent to 600,000 straws per year.

Affordable and clean energy

Take concrete action against climate change

Protect the richness of the sea

Reducing water use

Considering the impact on water resources, Wondertable has promoted the reduction of water use and is realizing a reduction in the environmental burdens. We have installed water-saving fixtures according to the usage of faucets in the kitchens, promoting not only the improvement of equipment and operational efficiency but also the reduction of water use. As of September 2022, the cost of water reduced by 35% compared to the same period in 2019.

Bringing safe water and toilets to the world

Reducing waste

At Wiondertable we do not forget our gratitude toward food and act in the philosophy to use all that is possible to reduce waste. We are working on the visualization of the amount of wasted foods in order to reduce them. In addition, fair menus that use special or seasonal ingredients, we try to consume all the ingredients before their use-by dates by setting the selling period according to the amount of procurement and situations.

Responsibility to produce Responsibility to consume

Reducing energy consumption

Wondertable uses mercury-free LED lighting with a long life-span in order to not only reduce CO2 emissions but also make the guests in our restaurants feel comfortable by increasing illumination levels. Thus, this approach leads to offering the amenity, as well as reducing environmental burdens.

Affordable and clean energy

Responsibility to produce Responsibility to consume

Take concrete action against climate change


Promises of products and services

Wondertable has enhanced the management of food safety and hygiene, which is the most basic to providing customers with safe products. For safer products, we are working on HACCP, an global method for hygiene management, following the Food Safety Act.

Affordable and clean energy

Responsibility to produce Responsibility to consume

Support for producers

Wondertable raises calves of Iwate Yamagata-mura Tankaku-gyu, the rarest Wagyu cattle in domestic distribution with a consignment. The Iwate Yamagata-mura Tankaku-gyu, accounts for only 0.5% of the whole Japanese Wagyu cattle distribution and is categorized into the Japanese Tankaku, one of four Japanese Wagyu cattle breeds. Because the cattles are raised healthfully on native rangelands, they are more laborious than the Japanese Black and so producers are decreasing. Wondertable would like to pass the wonderful breed of Japanese traditional cattle to future generations by consigning and order to use their beef in our restaurants.

zero hunger

Build a foundation for industry and innovation

Creating a city where people can continue to live

Let's protect the richness of the land



At Wondertable, diversity is a pillar of the corporate strategies and a key driver for supporting the restaurants. So we have developed a work environment where each of the employees with diverse backgrounds and values can perform their full potential. In addition, many female employees are playing an active role in our company. As of September 2022, female employees accounted for 17.6% (around 48.3% when part-timers are included). We are further working on the establishment of a system for helping female employees work and raise children at the same time.

Let's achieve gender equality

Achieve your goals with partnerships

Rewarding work environment

Wondertable thinks that the most important policy for supporting the company's growth is to provide an environment where employees realize their growth and personal fulfillment so that they can work with high motivation. So we are pushing forward with workplace policies that allow employees to work with greater enthusiasm free from anxiety by realizing consistent evaluations and compensation and promoting technology-based operational efficiency.

Job satisfaction and economic growth

Build a foundation for industry and innovation