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Wondertable is pressing forward brand strategies with the world in mind. With more than 10 brands, we focus on developing our original brands as a licenser and fostering some of the world's leading brands in Japan as a licensee.

Licensee Brand

Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo

A dry-aged beefsteak house from New York that has been in business for 135 years

At Peter Luger Steak House Tokyo, you can enjoy dry-aged beefsteak. The beef is specially selected through our technique of identifying the qualities that have been handed down from generation to generation, then shipped to Japan by air. Upon arrival to Japan, we dry age it to optimum condition and prepare the steak with our special recipe.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib

A prime rib restaurant founded in Beverly Hills in 1938

Lawry’s The Prime Rib offers American-style roast beef (prime rib). Quality bone-in meats are marinated with our original spice then slowly cooked for 2 -3 hours to retain flavor and tenderness.


An authentic churrasco restaurant from Sao Paulo, one of the largest in Japan

At Barbacoa, we offer beef and other various ingredients grilled in our custom made special oven to serve true churrasco.Seasoned simply with rock salt to bring out the natural taste of meats. We also have a huge salad bar serving fresh vegetables and unique South American dishes.

Union Square Tokyo

A restaurant where you can experience the high-end dining culture in New York

Union Square Tokyo offers the experience of a special dining culture which boost your energy for tomorrow. And our New York style cuisine created from locally sourced seasonal ingredients will make you feel energized. Our knowledgeable staff will host you and your guests to be energized for tomorrow with fun chats and hospitality.

Obicà Mozzarella Bar

A specialty restaurant from Rome offering dishes of fresh mozzarella made from 100% buffalo's milk

At Obicà Mozzarella Bar, you can enjoy fresh mozzarella shipped by air from Italy. A wide variety of dishes are offered here, ranging from simple dishes to enjoy the sweet and rich taste of mozzarella and main course / pasta dishes which bring out the aroma of cheese.

Terres de Truffes, Tokyo

A specialty restaurant focused on offering the best of truffles

Terres de Truffes, Tokyo, sources the best seasonal truffles from various regions to offer truffle focused cuisine. You can enjoy both our Tokyo original dishes as well as signature dishes from Nice France served in course style.

Jean-Georges Tokyo

A brand of unique and inspiring modern French cuisine with various flavors from around the world

At Jean-Georges Tokyo, you can enjoy modern French dishes which are different from traditional French Cuisines. We feature the extracts of vegetables and fruits, the flavors and textures of herbs, and the temperatures of ingredients. All the dishes are finished so that those elements can complement each other by gradations in your mouth.

Original Brand

Yona Yona Beer Works

A beer restaurant authorized by the Yoho Brewing Company, the leading brewery in Japan

Yona Yona Beer Works offers the largest selection of draft beer produced by the Yoho Brewing Company, the leading brewery in Japan. You can enjoy more than 10 kinds of draft beer including the major brand Yona Yona Ale, along with a wide variety of dishes that are excellent with craft beer.


A specialty restaurant of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki with more than 70 locations worldwide

Founded in Tokyo in 1993, Mo-Mo-Paradise offers authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki in a casual style. With more than 70 locations in 10 areas worldwide, this brand continues to evolve by incorporating foreign adaptation so that guests can further enjoy the cuisine.


An all-you-can-eat authentic restaurant of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki that you can enjoy in a casual style

At Nabezo, you can enjoy authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki in a casual style as much as you wish. The meats are sliced carefully at the restaurant to best suit shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. Furthermore the temperature and time is managed so the customers can enjoy at the best quality.

Ten Kichi Ya

Specializing in tendon with carefully selected ingredients and impacting presentation

At Ten Kichi Ya, you can enjoy tendon (a bow of rice topped with tempura) that won the gold prizes consecutively in the "All Japan Donburi Grand Prix". The impacting presentation, assures you the taste even before you bite into it.

Pinsa De Roma Delivery-only specialty shop

A specialty shop of pinsa, a new alternative to traditional pizza

Pinsa is a new style of pizza that is gaining popularity in Europe and could be an alternative to traditional pizza. The dough uses top-quality wheat flour, soybean flour and rice flour in order to make the pinsa easy to digest and healthy and provide a light crispy texture.

Tankakuwagyu Hamburg Shiota Delivery-only specialty shop

A hamburger steak shop using Iwate Yamagata-mura Tankaku-gyu, Japanese Shorthorn raised in-house

Tankakuwagyu Hamburg Shiota humburgs' are coarsely chopped to bring the best of texture and umami of Tankaku-gyu. The brand ensures that all the ingredients used for garnishes contain no additives nor chemicals.

Tankaku Burger Delivery-only specialty shop

A hamburger shop using Iwate Yamagata-mura Tankaku-gyu, Japanese Shorthorn raised in-house

Tankaku Burger is a specialty shop offering hamburger using Japanese Shorthorn Iwate Yamagata-mura Tankaku-gyu. We offer three types of burger sauces made from local vegetables that become addictive.

nish Delivery-only specialty shop

A Tokyo-style shop specializing in gluten-free pasta

Nish offers simply cooked pasta dishes that are beneficial to health. The sauces and dressings are always made in-house. We use Gluten-free pasta and all sauces and dressings are made in-house with no preservatives or chemical seasonings.

Chelsea Stand Delivery-only specialty shop

A chicken over rice shop using domestically sourced ingredients

Chelsea Stand offers a street food that is typical in New York. It is an exotic dish made by serving cooked spicy chicken over turmeric rice and dressing the chicken with yogurt-based white sauce and red chili sauce.

Erawan Delivery-only specialty shop

Authentic Thai curry and noodles using authentic spices and fresh ingredients

At Erawan, you can enjoy authentic Thai curry and Thai noodles like green curry, tom yam kung noodles, and ga prao gai. They are made from authentic Thai spices with fresh Japanese ingredients.

Roast Chicken House Delivery-only specialty shop

Roast chicken shop using Datedori chicken marinated with 14 spices

Roast Chicken House offers roasted chicken using domestic Datedori chicken that is characterized by its tender texture and deep flavor. The chicken is roasted after being slowly marinated with the original blend of 14 spices.

Fried Chicken House Delivery-only specialty shop

Fried Datedori chicken with our original spiced seasoning

Fried Chicken House offers spicy deep-fried chicken using domestic Datedori chicken. The roasted chicken is tender and juicy inside while the batter is crispy and spicy.

Brand Licensor


Bellini Pasta Pasta


Nabezo Premium


Ten Kichi Ya