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Employment FAQ

Q Can I choose the affiliated brand?

A The assignment is decided after carefully selecting the personnel system and the person in charge of education at that time, so it is not 100% what you want. However, before a decision is made, there will be an interview with everyone to find out what kind of career they wish to pursue.

Q Are there many changes?

A It depends on the time, but many are looking around two years. It is necessary to gain experience at the same store until the job is firmly established and grows, but when the next growth is visible, we will consider the challenge at the new store.

Q How soon can you advance your career after joining the company?

A In about 3 years, you will experience the time zone manager as a "chief", and in about 5 to 6 years you will be appointed as a "manager" or "chef". Of course, some employees took steps earlier.

Q What should I do to prepare before joining the company?

A Most of all, I want you to enjoy your current work and student life to the fullest. I can only do it now. For students, I strongly recommend that you get some part-time job experience. It should be very reassuring after joining the company that you can learn the basic work before joining the company and get to know many employees.

Q What are the benefits of joining Wondertable?

A There are many things, but I think one of them is "developing multiple specialized brands". All brands are committed to maintaining authenticity and quality without compromising. I think that you will be able to acquire know-how that you cannot learn anywhere else, both in service and cooking. In addition, we are developing a large number of brands, so you can experience various business conditions while staying at our company. If you work in a single industry, you have to change companies if you want to experience other business categories, but Wondertable has 11 brands, so you can gain various experiences.

Q What kind of training system do you have?

A There is a training system called "Wonder Table College" that is developed independently. We offer more than 40 courses, from compulsory training to free training that can be taken by individual selection. For example, "store operation management" and "communication training" that are indispensable for store management. You can learn what you need to know to run a store. In addition, you can hone various knowledge and skills related to food such as "service practical training", "wine training", "cooking training", "agricultural experience training".

Q We are proud of Wondertable! What's going on?

A First of all, people are good! When you go out into society, there are people with different opinions, and you may not get along with them because they are people. However, everyone likes to listen to what other people have to say, and they want to help when the person in front of them is in trouble. I'm sure you can meet good friends. Also, as an extra story, I often hear unexpectedly, "The meal is delicious." This is an important point for a restaurant. The contents vary depending on the brand, but at restaurants with a large number of people, buffets are prepared every day.

Q Is it okay if I can't speak English?

A In addition to our customers, we also have many staff members from overseas. The more you can speak, the more communication you will have, but not necessarily. Rather, some people have learned through conversations with customers and staff after joining the company.

Q What is the age range of your employees?

A We have a wide range of ages from 18 to 65. Most of our new graduates are in their early twenties, and many of our experienced seniors have been with us for a long time. It may be rare in the restaurant industry, but there are many people who continue to work until retirement age. Currently, many of the members who liven up the restaurant as managers and head chefs are in their late 30s.

Q Are there any opportunities to go abroad for training?

A I have! Since the number of employees is limited each year, most of them are in supervisory positions, but there are opportunities to visit overseas wineries and visit our partner stores.