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Recruitment of Overseas Franchisees

    International Business Department's Vision

    Our Purpose

    Spreading a brand that enriches people’s hearts all over the world to make everyone happy.

    A brand comprises not only its name but also the elements of goods, services, exports and trademarks that underpin its identity. We will refine and improve these elements to grow our brand. By doing so, we will not only enrich the hearts of our guests, but also bring happiness to our overseas partners, overseas subsidiaries, and vendors.

    Our Values

    Understanding the local community

    We value the opinions from the local and origin. Before expressing our opinion, we will first carefully listen to their thoughts. On top of that, we will not impose our thoughts and our conditions. We deepen a mutual understanding by accepting their opinions, getting to know the thoughts behind their cultures, having a thorough discussion together.

    Taking responsible actions

    We take responsible actions. First of all, we maintain our spirits as if we are doing business locally. Instead of teaching one-sidedly or only thinking from our own perspective, we will consider the others' circumstances in order to find the best
    solution for both parties. We will fulfill our roles and achieve our goals by growing overseas business together with our overseas partners and overseas subsidiaries.

    Aiming for WIN-WIN

    We aim for Win-Win. We look not only to our own benefits, but also the benefits of overseas partners and vendors, to slowly accumulate trust. In result of the satisfaction of both parties, a long-term partnership can be established.

    Challenging the future

    We take on challenges towards the future, constantly seek to boost the growth of existing business, while also actively challenging the new one. We expand new possibilities by being interested in everything, broadening our imagination, and repeating a Trial-and-Error.

    Franchise partner requirements


    Demonstrates passion towards restaurant business


    Values connection and trust between companies

    Financial Capability

    Has a strong capability to expand the brand

    Our Franchise Brands

    Mo-Mo-Paradise / Nabezo


    Mo-Mo-Paradise was founded in 1993 and has been expanding as a restaurant that serves premium Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki with an “all-you-can-eat” concept. Our brand provides high-quality meat and vegetables that are carefully selected. We also ensure that our soups and sauces are free from additives to deliver its natural taste. Even without the need of professional cooks, the brand can be deployed in a simple operating style.

    Currently, Mo-Mo-Paradise has expanded worldwide and Japan with over 80 outlets. Our commitment to delivering the same high-quality dining experience as in Japan has earned us a big hit with the customers of our overseas franchise store.

    Franchise Locations












    This brand was launched in 2012 as a restaurant that specializes in serving the finest quality of Tendon/Tempura, without the requirement of a professional chef. Tendon offered by TEN KICHI YA has won the Grand Prix contest in Japan for 10 consecutive years. Our TEN KICHI YA brand is loved not only by Japanese, but also guests from overseas.

    This concept is so popular that we see long queues at our franchise shop in Taiwan. We are planning to expand the brand, not only in existing countries, but also in countries with great opportunities.

    Franchise Locations