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Overseas training海外研修

Learn the world through our annual overseas training program. See, experience, and learn from our brand stores to cutting-edge restaurants in Italy, Brazil, the United States, and more. Our winery tours are also very popular!


At Wondertable, we believe that diversity is the driving force behind restaurant management, and we consider the promotion of diversity to be one of our top corporate strategies. As of September 2022, 15.4% of our employees are foreigners, and talented people with unique and diverse cultural backgrounds and values from 48 countries around the world are working together as a team.

Club activitiesクラブ活動

At Wondertable, we aim to promote communication between employees through in-house events and club activities. This is a culture that is unique to Wondertable, with the desire for employees to spend each day energetically while enjoying communication in an environment that makes the most of their various personalities.


At Wondertable, there are two types of training. One is training line training centered on classroom lectures. This is a training program that employees participate in to expand their knowledge of management, communication, and other areas according to their own skills and future goals. The second is experiential training. You can experience farm work and touch the products under the producers who actually provide the products. By directly seeing the ingredients used in the store, you can learn about the hardships of the producers and improve your knowledge of safety and hygiene.

One on one1 on 1

One-on-one meetings are the foundation of Wondertable's culture.- Twice-yearly "TOP Meetings" with executives- Regular "Feedback Meetings" with your managerFrom work discussions to personal consultations, we always communicate face-to-face.