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Privacy Policy

Wondertable, Ltd., (hereinafter the “Company”) will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, and other relevant laws and regulations regarding any personal information, anonymous personal information, and information assets that the Company handles in the course of business (hereinafter “Information”). To thoroughly protect Information in accordance with its internal regulations and rules, the Company also provides the following policy and will strive to improve it by continuously reviewing its activities.


1. Organizational Structure

The Company will establish a system to protect and manage Information and conduct education and training of officers and employees to properly maintain the system to ensure the proper handling of Information in daily business activities.

2. Acquisition and Use of Information

The Company will obtain Information by legal and fair means by specifying the purposes of use. Unless permitted by laws and regulations, the Company will not use Information beyond the limit necessary for achieving the purposes of using the Information and will not provide nor disclose it to third parties without the advance consent of the person concerned. The Company will not obtain, handle, nor process Information with the aim of trading or providing it to third parties. If the Company entrusts the handling of Information to a third party, the Company will examine the third party and properly supervise it to ensure the maintenance of confidentiality.

3. Use of Personal Information and Purposes

The Company will use personal information to the extent necessary for achieving the following purposes of use. The Company will not change the purposes of using personal information beyond the limits deemed reasonable. The Company will not use any sensitive information related to the individuals it obtains in the course of business for any purpose other than the purposes of use identified in advance.

Purposes of Use

  1. To respond to any opinions and inquiries submitted to the Company.
  2. To send information on the opening of new stores, events, products, and services by post or e-mail.
  3. To send questionnaires to customers about stores they used and inform them of the points they have earned.
  4. To be used as basic data for informing and contacting applicants about employment.

4. Security Management of Information

The Company will take the proper security management measures to maintain the accuracy of Information and prevent loss, corruption, falsification, leakage, and other accidents of Information.

5. Emergency Response

Should there be any information security problem, the Company will endeavor to promptly identify the cause and take measures.

6. Inquiries

The Company will properly respond to any request or inquiry of the person concerned or agent for the disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, or other steps for Information without delay. Please contact the Sales Support Department for any opinions or questions that you may have about the Company’s handling of Information.

Sales Support Department, Wondertable, Ltd.
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