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外国籍社員の採用強化を加速! 「特定技能2号」社内説明会スタート

Accelerate recruitment of foreign employees! “Specified Skills No. 2” internal briefing session starts

Wonder Table Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have started holding in-house briefing sessions for "Specified Skills No. 2" for foreign employees who have obtained "Specified Skills No. 1."

The first in-house briefing session will be held at MooMoo Paradise Kabukicho Main Store (held on March 12, 2024). The second and subsequent events are scheduled to be held sequentially.

Hiring the largest number of foreign employees ever

Wonder Table believes that diversity is the driving force behind restaurant management , and has made strengthening the recruitment of foreign employees (people with nationalities other than Japan) one of its top corporate strategies. As of March 2024, we have 62 full-time foreign employees and 352 part-time employees, the highest number ever. We have talented people from 48 countries around the world with diverse cultural backgrounds and values.

Contents of the briefing session

Since the system was established in 2019, we have actively accepted "Specified Skilled Worker No. 1" and currently have 20 foreign employees working at the company. Since the field of "Specified Skilled Worker No. 2" will be expanded in 2023, and there is no upper limit on the period of stay and can be employed for a long time, we have decided to hold an in-house briefing session to support the acquisition of this qualification. At the briefing session, we will share an overview of the system, the difficulty level of the exam, and confirm your intention to obtain qualifications.

Over 30 years of experience in recruiting foreign nationals

Wonder Table's recruitment of foreign nationals began with Barbacoa, a churrasco specialty restaurant opened in 1994. In order to create an authentic atmosphere, we had to invite professional staff with over five years of experience working at the main restaurant to handle the cooking and serving. Later, as the company expanded to include American roast beef specialty restaurant ``Lawley's the Prime Rib'' and New York restaurant ``Union Square Tokyo,'' the recruitment of foreign nationals expanded. Furthermore, in order to respond to the increase in inbound tourists from around 2015, we will hire native foreign nationals to work immediately, and we will also hire several people with the residence status of ``Specialist in Humanities/International Services'' who will be responsible for translation work in major foreign languages. It started to look like this. As you can see, our hiring of foreign employees did not happen overnight, but has a historical background built over 30 years.

In 2024, Wonder Table plans to offer a “Specified Skills No. 2” test preparation course. We will continue to actively support the acquisition of this qualification and encourage the active participation of diverse human resources in order to provide our customers with the best restaurant experience.

■Trends in the number of foreign employees at Wonder Table

2022 Part-time 250 people (14.3%) Full-time 48 people (18.1%)

2023 Part-time employees 308 people (15.0%) Full-time employees 53 people (16.1%)

2024 Part-time workers: 352 people (14.7%) Full-time employees: 62 people (17.7%)

■What is the specific skill system?
The specific skills system is a system that aims to accept foreigners with a certain level of expertise and skills in industrial fields where it is difficult to secure domestic human resources. It was established by the revised Immigration Control Act that was passed and enacted in 2018, and it has been possible to accept patients since April 2019. There are two types: No. 1 and No. 2.

The period of stay for No. 1 is limited to 5 years, and the skill level and Japanese language proficiency level will be confirmed through tests, etc. The condition is that the applicant is eligible for support from the accepting organization or registered support organization where the applicant works.

No. 2 is a new status of residence approved by the Cabinet in June 2023. In order to obtain this certification, you must meet two requirements: pass the Specified Skills Level 2 Evaluation Test or Skills Certification Level 1, and (2) gain a certain level of practical experience as a supervisor/instructor.
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