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【WONDERTABLE MALL】NY料理の魅力を発信し続ける”松田好史”監修 クリスマス通販セット

[WONDERTABLE MALL] Christmas mail order set supervised by “Yoshifumi Matsuda” who continues to spread the charm of NY cuisine

"Wonder Table Mall" is an original mail order site that sells a wide variety of Wonder Table restaurant flavors. This year, as a special Christmas mail order set, we will be offering products supervised by Yoshichika Matsuda, executive chef of New York-based Union Square Tokyo.

The main dish is "Roasted Shimanto Turkey & Roasted Vegetables." In the United States, roast turkey is eaten as a symbol of Thanksgiving, and is also a staple dish on festive days and Christmas. The turkey we prepare is Shimanto turkey from Kochi Prefecture, which is characterized by its softness and no odor. This is a special dish with winter vegetables and plenty of apple gravy and cranberry relish. The soup is ``Nambu Ichiro Pumpkin Soup,'' which has a sweetness reminiscent of fruit, and is simply cooked with fresh cream and butter to have a gentle and mellow texture. For dessert, the set includes the ``Pecan Nut Tart,'' which has a deep flavor.

New York cuisine is simple cuisine that takes full advantage of seasonal ingredients. Yoshifumi Matsuda has been traveling between New York and Tokyo for about 15 years, continuing to spread the word about their charms. In particular, Matsuda is particular about the preparation and presentation of his dishes, which are simple but don't show off even if they are elaborate. This Christmas plate is packed full of content, and even though each item is prepared using a simple method, when you put it in your mouth, the synergistic effects of the ingredients create a surprising flavor. Please enjoy Yoshifumi Matsuda's cooking this Christmas at home.

Christmas plate supervised by Chef Matsuda

8,000 yen for 2 people
16,000 yen for 4 people

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Sales period
Until December 25th (Monday)

Set contents (for 2 people)
Shimanto Turkey 190g x 2 packs Cranberry relish 25g x 2 packs Apple gravy 40g x 2 packs Nanbu Ichiro pumpkin soup 140g x 2 packs Pecan nut tarts x 2

[Roasted Shimanto Turkey & Roasted Vegetables]

At Onomi, Nakatosa-cho, located in the headwaters of the Shimanto River, we carry out integrated production from hatching to production and processing. Shimanto Turkey, a turkey raised in the air and water of the Shimanto River Turkeys raised in Japan are extremely rare, and are only found in Onomi, Nakatosa Town in western Japan. It is characterized by being softer and has less odor than foreign baby turkeys, and is cooked slowly and carefully. Enjoy with apple gravy, ginger cranberry relish, and winter vegetables.

[Nanbu Ichiro pumpkin soup]

``Nanbu Ichiro pumpkin'' is a very rare pumpkin that has been bred to suit Iwate's natural features and climate and is grown only by a limited number of farmers, so there is only a small amount of it in circulation. In terms of sugar content, it has the same sugar content as mango, and although it is a native pumpkin, it has the same sweetness as Western pumpkins, which have been repeatedly bred. This ``Nanbu Ichiro pumpkin'' is simply cooked with fresh cream and butter for a gentle and mellow soup.

[Pecan nut tart]

Pecan pie is a well-known dish in America. While the pecans, filling, and tart dough each have their own unique characteristics, the three harmonize to create a deep flavor. This tart was loved by both children and adults at Union Square Tokyo. Although it is no longer sold in stores, we will be making a special offering for Christmas only.

Union Square Tokyo Executive Chef Yoshifumi Matsuda

After moving to Tokyo from Fukuoka at the age of 20, he started his career as a chef at La Rochelle in Shibuya. Joined Wonder Table in 1998. After working as a head chef at an Italian restaurant, he became the first head chef at Union Square Tokyo in 2007. He has been the head chef of Terre de Truffles Tokyo since September 2015, and has been the head chef of Union Square Tokyo since 2018, before becoming the head chef in 2023. Matsuda has been involved in New York cuisine for about 15 years, and his experience, accomplishments, and personality have earned him many loyal fans.

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