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【WONDERTABLE MALL】”通販クリスマス特集” おうちクリスマスを贅沢に演出する特別ディナーセット

[WONDERTABLE MALL] “Mail Order Christmas Special” Special dinner set for a luxurious Christmas experience at home

"Wonder Table Mall" is an original mail order site that sells a wide variety of Wonder Table restaurant flavors. This time, we will be featuring a special dinner set for a limited time only during the Christmas period. A total of 6 products will be on sale, including a special set where you can enjoy the specialty store's signature products and a dinner set that combines products from multiple popular restaurants. If you wish, we will enclose a free Christmas card. Create a wonderful time with your loved ones with Wonder Table's Christmas dinner set.

Christmas dinner special
Event period: Until December 25, 2023 (Monday)

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