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【WONDERTABLE MALL】秋スイーツ特集 旬のかぼちゃを使用したアイテムもあります

[WONDERTABLE MALL] Autumn sweets special feature Some items use seasonal pumpkins

"Wonder Table Mall" is an original mail order site that sells a wide variety of Wonder Table restaurant flavors. "Autumn Sweets Special" introduces sweets made with seasonal pumpkins and carefully selected items that are popular at the store.

We sell "cheesecake" made with Ichiro Nambu pumpkin and black truffles, supervised by the truffle specialty store "Terre de Truffle Tokyo", and "tiramisu", which is 3.5 times the size of the regular one, made by the mozzarella cheese specialty store "Obica Mozzarella Bar". Masu.

We also offer great value assortment sets where you can try a variety of flavors. Recommended for Halloween, home parties, and gifts.

Autumn sweets special feature

Event period: Until Friday, November 10, 2023

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