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【WONDERTABLE MALL】父の日限定!トリュフの香り漂う豪華ディナーセットをお届け

[WONDERTABLE MALL] Father's Day limited edition! Delivering a luxurious dinner set with the aroma of truffles

Father's Day is a special occasion to express your gratitude to your father.
Why not give your father a special gift this year?
Wonder Table Mall has prepared two special Father's Day sets and luxurious desserts to express gratitude to your father for his hard work.

1. Father's Day Limited Hamburger Set 2024
1 person set: 4,500 yen / 2 person set: 7,000 yen

2. Father's Day Limited Feast Set 2024
1 person set: 5,000 yen / 2 person set: 8,000 yen

3. Luxurious truffle fondant chocolate
80g x 4 set 2,500 yen

Sales period: Thursday, May 23, 2024 to Sunday, June 16, 2024

■For more details, please see the "Father's Day Special" page.

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