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WONDERTABLE MALL】世界の肉料理をお得に楽しむ”夏の肉フェス”開催! 猛暑はご自宅で贅沢料理を!

WONDERTABLE MALL] "Summer meat festival" to enjoy meat dishes from around the world at a great price! Luxurious food at home in the heat wave!

The original mail order site "Wonder Table Mall" sells a wide variety of flavors from Wonder Table specialty stores.

This summer, when the heat wave continues, we will hold a “summer meat festival” where you can enjoy the site’s proud products at a great price so that customers can enjoy the finest dishes at home.

Popular meat dishes such as Lawry's The Prime Rib's Lawry's Set and Terre de Truffle Tokyo's Wagyu Hamburger with Truffle Sauce Set of 4 are lined up.

This is a special opportunity to purchase the target products at up to 20% off any number of times during the period. Survive the scorching heat with an exceptional meat dish.

Summer meat festival
Period July 29th (Sat)-August 29th (Tue), 2023

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