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【WONDERTABLE MALL】バレンタイン特集 大人のプレミアムスイーツ

[WONDERTABLE MALL] Valentine's Day Special Premium Sweets for Adults

“Valentine Special 2024” will be held on the original mail order site “Wonder Table Mall”.

“Valentine Special 2024” will sell four types of premium sweets for adults . One is a cacao and dark rum tiramisu produced by Orbica Mozzarella Bar, a restaurant specializing in fresh mozzarella from Rome. It is characterized by its rich texture and rich aroma. The second is a black truffle cheesecake made by ``Tailed Truffle Tokyo,'' a truffle specialty store. We use luxurious black truffles from the Marche region of Italy. The third is a gluten-free gateau chocolate from ``Natural Italian Nish''. We use grass-fed butter from New Zealand and beet sugar from Hokkaido, and are particular about using high-quality, healthy ingredients. Finally, we will be selling a ``Valentine Limited Sweets Set of 3'' where you can enjoy these 3 types. This set is recommended for those who want to share with others or who want to eat a variety of dishes.

For details, please see "Valentine Special".

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