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【WONDERTABLE MALL】オンライン新ブランド ”ローストチキンハウス” 登場

[WONDERTABLE MALL] New online brand “Roast Chicken House” now available

"Roast Chicken House" is a delivery specialty store that serves domestic roasted chicken and healthy vegetable dishes.
We operate in five areas in Tokyo and are used by many people, especially during the Christmas season.
"Roast Chicken House" is now available as a new brand on the original mail order site "Wonder Table Mall". We will be selling our signature product, roast chicken.
Made using domestic Date chicken, the meat is soft and has a deep flavor.
The roasted vegetables that come with the dish are made with carefully selected organic vegetables and are simply seasoned with fresh herbs, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavor of the vegetables.
This product is perfect for year-end gatherings and home parties.

roast chicken house

Roasted domestic chicken half + roasted vegetables

1 set 2,700 yen / 2 sets 5,200 yen

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Product contents
Original roast chicken half size approx. 500g
Approximately 200g roasted vegetables (carrots, potatoes (Hokkaido pods), beets, lotus root, turnips)

Our proud roast chicken uses domestic date chicken. The meat is soft and has a deep flavor. Marinated with original spices and baked in the oven, the chicken's natural flavor is brought out to its fullest, resulting in a crispy skin and a plump, juicy interior. The roasted vegetables that come with the dish are made with organic vegetables grown by Ome Farm, an organic farmer in Tokyo. The potatoes are ``Saya Akane'' grown naturally in fields that are certified organic, without using any chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or compost. With a simple seasoning of salt, olive oil, and fresh herbs, you can enjoy the flavor of vegetables.

*The contents of roasted vegetables vary depending on purchasing status.

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