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【WONDERTABLE MALL】オリジナル通販サイト アウトドアを満喫する”夏のBBQ特集”開催

[WONDERTABLE MALL] Original mail order site “Summer BBQ special” to enjoy the outdoors

Wonder Table Mall, which opened in March 2023, sells a wide variety of flavors from Wonder Table specialty stores.

This time, we will hold a summer BBQ special so that you can enjoy the outdoors like summer .

This special feature is scheduled up to the 3rd installment, and in the 1st installment, we will release attractive products from the country's largest churrasco restaurant "Barbacoa" and Yona Yona Ale's official beer restaurant "Yona Yona Beer Works".

All of them are set products that are likely to be active in summer outdoors and home parties, and we will offer you a special price with popular items in the store.

Summer BBQ feature
Period July 4th (Tuesday) to August 16th (Wednesday)

List of news releases