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【WONDERTABLE MALL】オリジナル通販サイト お酒との相性がいい 父の日限定 濃厚ショコラスイーツ2品

[WONDERTABLE MALL] Original mail order site Good compatibility with alcohol Father's Day Limited Rich chocolate sweets 2 items

At Wonder Table Mall, we offer Father's Day gifts produced by two popular overseas restaurants.

One is the chocolate cake "Truffle Gateau Chocolat" from the truffle specialty store "Terre de Truffle Tokyo", which has a rich truffle scent. A gateau chocolate that uses plenty of French couverture chocolate with 64% cacao and does not use any flour. By eating it with fresh cream containing summer truffle, you can enjoy a taste like no other.

The other is "Cacao and dark rum tiramisu and traditional tiramisu" from the mozzarella specialty store "Obika Mozzarella Bar". A new flavored tiramisu that combines Negrita dark rum, cacao, and mascarpone. We use 100% mascarpone from Lombardy and deliver it as a set with traditional tiramisu, which features a slightly bitter taste with less sweetness.

Both are rich chocolate sweets that go well with champagne and whiskey.

Sales period: May 30, 2023 (Tuesday) to June 18, 2023 (Sunday)
Wonder Table Mall

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