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2024年度 新卒入社式と新入社員研修 実施のお知らせ

Announcement of the 2024 New Graduate Induction Ceremony and New Employee Training

We are pleased to announce that on Monday, April 1, 2024, the 2024 New Graduate Induction Ceremony and New Employee Training were held at Obica Mozzarella Bar Nishi-Shinjuku, a mozzarella specialty restaurant.

Welcome new employees with a restaurant-style induction ceremony

The induction ceremony was produced by first-year senior employees. The new employees attended dressed appropriately for the restaurant and experienced what it would be like to actually make a reservation and visit the restaurant. After the ceremony, they tasted a special dish created by the head chef himself, learning the perspective of restaurant patrons.

Strengthening teamwork through group work

During the training, we actively implemented group work in which new recruits worked together to solve problems. By working toward a common goal, they gained a sense of accomplishment and strengthened the bond between their peers.

Online results presentation with participation from all employees

The new recruits were also given the opportunity to present the results of their training. The presentations were streamed online to all employees, and viewers voted for the team they most empathized with. The evaluation of the presentations, which had taken a week to create, provided an opportunity to learn about the joys and rigors of work.

Acquire practical skills through a four-month long-term training program

After joining the company, new recruits will participate in a four-month long-term training program, where they will acquire the skills necessary for restaurant work, such as customer service, knowledge, and hospitality, through not only classroom learning but also practical experience in the restaurant.

Supporting individual growth through one-on-one interviews and monthly follow-up training

Through one-on-one interviews and monthly follow-up training, we will support each new employee's growth by addressing their issues and concerns. We also hope to prevent employees from leaving the company early after joining the company. In mid-July, we will summarize the four months of training and receive a letter of appointment.

Recruitment activities for 2025

Wondertable aims to hire 50 new graduates in fiscal year 2025. However, the recruitment market has changed in recent years, making it difficult to acquire talented personnel using traditional recruitment methods alone. To overcome this challenge, Wondertable will add new recruitment methods such as internal referral recruitment, internship acceptance, and recruitment meetups. In addition, by increasing opportunities for employees to connect with each other through internal networking events, self-study training, and class reunions, we will create an environment where employees can take pride in their work and work long-term.

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