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異なるレストランの味を一つの食卓に オリジナル通販サイト『WONDERTABLE MALL(ワンダーテーブルモール)』

Original mail order site "WONDERTABLE MALL (Wonder Table Mall)" with the taste of different restaurants on one dining table

Until now, each restaurant site sold their own mail-order products, but "WONDERTABLE MALL" handles mail-order products of all restaurants. This allows customers to choose their favorite products from different restaurants and assemble their ideal dining table in one purchase. For example, the appetizer can be arranged as "Union Square Tokyo", the pizza as "Obika Mozzarella Bar", and the main dish as "Lawry's the Prime Rib". You can also send your favorite combination as a gift not only for your home, but also for your loved ones. We also plan to develop new products and hold campaigns throughout the year. Please keep an eye on future trends.



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