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外国籍正社員50名超 過去最多記録 グローバル化見据え採用強化

More than 50 non-Japanese full-time employees, a record high Strengthen recruitment in anticipation of globalization

At Wonder Table, we believe that diversity is the driving force behind restaurant management, and we have positioned the recruitment of foreign employees (people with nationalities other than Japan) as one of our top corporate strategies.

As of June 2023, we have 53 full-time employees of foreign nationality, which is the highest number ever.

There are 308 part-time workers, and we are returning to pre-corona levels.

We have a wide range of nationalities, and we have gathered talented people from 48 countries around the world who have unique and diverse cultural backgrounds and values, and work together as a team.

In 2019, we welcomed a foreign national employee who was certified as "Specified Skilled Worker No. 1" as a full-time employee, which is rare for a restaurant company, and now employs 12 people with the same status of residence.

Going forward, we will continue to aim for globalization and actively work to accept foreign employees, while at the same time focusing on creating a system and atmosphere that will be loved by the staff we hire for a long time.

Changes in the number of foreign employees at Wonder Table
2021 Part-time workers: 196 (14.42%) Full-time employees: 42 (16.09%)
2022 Part-time job 250 (14.38%) Full-time employee 48 (18.18%)

2023 Part-time 308 (15.08%) Full-time 53 (16.15%)

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