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国内最大級シュラスコ料理「バルバッコア」オンライン商品販売スタート 待望のバーベキューセット

Online product sales start for Japan's largest churrasco dish "Barbacoa" The long-awaited barbecue set

On June 1, 2023 (Thursday), we will start selling online products for the largest churrasco dish “Barbacoa” in Japan.

The featured product is the “Barbacoa BBQ set”. An assortment of popular churrasco items such as picanha ( aitchbone), sirloin, and alcatra (rump) . This is a long-awaited product that was realized in response to customer requests.

Perfect for the upcoming barbecue season.

We are planning to add other items around autumn so that we can challenge the year-end gift shopping season.

Please look forward to future product development.

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