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国内外食企業でいち早く導入 Googleマップの新機能「Immersive View(イマーシブビュー)」

Google Maps' new feature "Immersive View" quickly introduced by domestic restaurant companies

Google Maps, provided by Google, is one of the most popular mapping applications in the world, with over 1 billion active users currently using it. Immersive View is a new feature of Google Maps that was announced by Google in May 2023. The aim is to combine Google Street View, which has been deployed to date, with high-resolution aerial photography of the exterior and interior to give guests a better understanding of the location.

By introducing immersive views, guests will be able to visually jump into the restaurant and get a real feel for the atmosphere, which will help them make decisions.

Wonder Table was one of the first domestic restaurant companies to introduce Immersive View to all of its stores in the Kanto region. We hope that by improving each store's visibility on Google Maps, it will be an opportunity to improve its image and develop new communication methods.

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