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【世界70店舗 モーモーパラダイス】公式サイトリニューアル 魅力をアピールし、国内外のファンからもっと愛されるブランドを目指す

[Moo Moo Paradise, 70 stores around the world] Official website renewal Aiming to become a brand that is more appealing and loved by domestic and international fans

Momo Paradise is an authentic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality ingredients in carefully selected soups. With over 70 stores around the world, this brand has gained a lot of support not only from Japanese people but also from foreign nationals. The renewed official website introduces the history of the company, which has evolved from its creation in 1993 to overseas expansion and global expansion. In addition, we are introducing the charm of Moo Moo Paradise that we have not been able to fully convey until now, such as videos showing the specialties of soups and sauces and how to eat them deliciously. The site will continue to be updated in the future, with the aim of becoming a brand that is even more loved by fans both domestically and internationally.

Official website

Introducing the history of Mo-Mo Paradise from its birth to overseas expansion and evolution to the world's "Mo-Mo-Paradise"

Introducing Mo-Mo-Paradise's special soups, sauces, quality control, etc.

Introducing delicious ways to eat Mo-Mo-Paradise's shabu-shabu and sukiyaki with videos so you can fully enjoy them.

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