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世界最高峰と称される「ピーター・ルーガー・ステーキハウス 東京」行楽シーズンに最適 2つのピクニックセット販売

"Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo", the world's highest peak, perfect for the holiday season 2 picnic sets on sale

Peter Luger has spread dry-aged beef steaks to the world, and has been ranked high in the Michelin Guide as well as in the Zagat Survey, a rating service by general guests, for over 30 years as the pinnacle of famous steakhouses. It is a long-established steak house.

This time, we have decided to sell two picnic sets for takeout in conjunction with the early summer outing season.

One is Burger Set (A: Burger Set). You can enjoy 3 types of aged meat and chuck eye roll beef 100% "USDA Prime Peter Luger American Cheese Burger", "Avocado BLT Sandwich" with original bacon, and "Caesar Salad Pecorino Cheese" with cheese flavor accent. The other is the chicken set (B: Chicken Set). A set of "broiled half chicken" baked in a special oven called a broiler, "avocado BLT sandwich", and "caesar salad pecorino cheese". Both come with our famous French fries fried in beef fat. An optional set of two premium German beers is also available. Delivery is also available, so you can enjoy it wherever you like.

Please pay attention to the picnic set that will make your event with your family and loved ones more rich during the outing season.

【Sales period】
Saturday, May 20, 2023 to the end of July

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