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世界最高峰と称される「ピーター・ルーガー・ステーキハウス 東京」熟成肉を手軽に堪能できるBBQセット販売

"Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo", which is called the world's highest peak, BBQ set sale where you can easily enjoy aged meat

We have prepared 5 BBQ sets so that you can easily enjoy aged meat at summer home parties and outdoors.

The two large and small hamburger sets are packed with burger patties, bacon, and buns. Burger patty is an original 100% beef patty that uses aged meat and fresh chuckeye rolls. The bacon has a thickness of about 5 mm, and it is a dish that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the umami of bacon.

You can choose from the standard For Two, Rib Steak, and Single Steak for each of the three steak sets. Both are prepared with a combination of burger patty and bacon.

In addition, the first 30 people will receive Peter Luger's original steak sauce and mustard.

This summer, please pay attention to the BBQ set that will make your event with your family and loved ones richer.

Sales period
Saturday, July 1, 2023 to Thursday, August 31, 2023
Reservation start
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Purchase method
Please make a reservation from the website and pick up the product at the in-store boutique.

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