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[Wonder Table] Holding a unique open-air ceremony unique to restaurants

On Monday, October 2, 2023, Wonder Table Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroaki Kono, hereinafter referred to as "Wonder Table") will hold a restaurant on the terrace of the New York restaurant "Union Square Tokyo". We held an informal ceremony for those who are scheduled to join the company in the spring of 2024.

Wonder Table held an offer ceremony for 13 people scheduled to join the company in spring 2024. For the past few years, companies have continued to compete for the recruitment of new graduates, creating a seller's market. In order to capture the hearts of those who have been offered a job offer and let them feel the appeal of our company, we have taken on the challenge of completely changing the style of our offer ceremony.

Traditional job offer ceremonies tend to create a tense atmosphere and a sense of distance, and there are issues with not being able to communicate sufficiently with the job offer candidates. Therefore, as a new style unique to a restaurant, we first changed the venue from a conference room to a restaurant. Our aim is to give you a first-hand experience of the atmosphere and hospitality of Union Square Tokyo, which will be one of your future workplaces. On the day of the event, due to the mild autumn weather, the event was held on the open terrace rather than inside the store. I feel that this helped to further ease the tension of the participants.

In addition, we asked those who had been offered a job offer to come dressed in appropriate attire for the restaurant. We did this because we wanted everyone who had been offered a job offer to experience the feeling of a customer when they make a reservation and visit a restaurant. In addition, first-year new graduates also participate in the management of the program, in order to foster stronger bonds between seniors and juniors as early as possible. To conclude the ceremony, the participants experienced the perspective of a customer using the restaurant by enjoying the cuisine created by the head chef for the day and the service and hospitality of senior employees.

This unique offer ceremony provides an opportunity to experience the atmosphere and culture of Wonder Table, and is expected to have the effect of preventing not only employees from leaving the company, but also employees from leaving the company early after joining the company.

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