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[Wonder Table] Toita Women's Junior College Internship Project Nabezo "Winter Limited Pot" Development Support

Wonder Table actively accepts interns from various school corporations. The purpose of this event is for students to experience first-hand the appeal of the food industry, deepen their interest in eating out, and use this to help them grow in the future.

This is my first internship at Toita Women's Junior College. The content of the training is not just work experience, but the content is for students to acquire planning and development skills by having them come up with a ``winter-limited hotpot'' to sell at ``Nabezo.'' did.

We set the target audience at ``working women,'' and asked them how to create a hit product, whether the product has a story, whether they would pay to order it, and whether the points of differentiation are clear. Students will gain hands-on experience based on the steps to develop a new pot at Nabezo.

On November 15th (Wednesday), participants learned about brands and learned the basics of product development at Nabezo. The future schedule is to summarize the development outline of the product proposal on November 29th (Wednesday), decide on the grand prize product at the final presentation on December 7th (Thursday), and at the open campus on December 17th (Sunday). Grand Prix products will be unveiled.

This is a project where you can experience in practice things that cannot be learned through classroom lectures or practical classes alone. Please look forward to the results that our students will learn through their internships.

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