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【ワンダーテーブル】カードタイプ商品券“オンライン販売”開始 100名様限定「ギフト包装+送料」無料キャンペーン実施

[Wonder Table] Start of “online sales” of card type gift certificates. Free “gift wrapping + shipping” campaign limited to 100 people.

From Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Wondertable Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroaki Kono) will start selling the card-type gift certificate "Wondertable Gift Card" online. Masu. In addition, to commemorate the start of this sale, a campaign will be held until November 30th (Thursday) where 100 people will receive a 10,000 yen gift certificate (hereinafter referred to as a gift card) with free gift wrapping and shipping. We would like to inform you that this will be carried out.

We will start selling "Wondertable Gift Card" online from November 1st (Wednesday) .

To commemorate this, we will also start a free gift wrapping + shipping campaign limited to 100 people who purchase a 10,000 yen Wondertable Gift Card . (*1) Normally, gift wrapping and shipping worth 1,500 yen are free.

“Wondertable Gift Card” is a card-type gift card that can be used at approximately 40 restaurants in Japan (*2) operated by Wondertable .

Until now, it was only sold at some stores, but in response to customer feedback such as ``I would like to purchase online instead of in-store'' and ``I would like it to be shipped by mail,'' it is now possible to purchase easily from the official website. .

We also offer luxury gift wrapping and noshi (Japanese traditional craftsmanship) based on black , making it perfect as a gift for celebratory occasions. You can easily convey your feelings to people near and far . Why not give the time you spend at Wonder Table as a gift?

*1 This free gift wrapping + shipping campaign is limited to customers who purchase 10,000 yen worth of items. (Wondertable Gift Cards valued at less than 10,000 yen and over 20,000 yen are not eligible.

*2 Delivery and online shopping are not available.

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