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【ロウリーズ・ザ・プライムリブ】プリンスエドワード島漁解禁 ロブスターフェア開催 

[Lawry's the Prime Rib] Prince Edward Island Fishing Ban Opened Lobster Fair Held

Lawry's will hold the "Lobster Fair" from July 18th (Tuesday) to August 31st (Thursday), 2023, where you can enjoy summer lobster from appetizers to main dishes.

The lobster used is "Omar Lobster" from Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada.

The fishing ban is lifted from May to July in spring.

The flesh is firm and has a sweet, savory and juicy texture. At dinner time, we also offer a course where you can enjoy both lobster and prime rib.

Don't miss out on Lawry's signature lobster this summer.

lobster fair
July 18 (Tue) - August 31 (Thu), 2023
Reservations are being accepted from the official website

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