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【ユニオン スクエア トウキョウ】通販新商品 香りや食感を楽しめるNYらしい”秋スイーツ” 限定販売

[Union Square Tokyo] New mail order product “Autumn sweets typical of NY” where you can enjoy the aroma and texture, limited sale

Union Square Tokyo, a New York restaurant, offers simple dishes that make the most of the charm of the ingredients. Two types of sweets made with butternut pumpkin and ginger root, which are in season in the fall, will be sold for a limited time as mail order products. Both are gems with a hidden New York-like charm that allows you to enjoy accents such as scent and texture.

  • ginger crema catalana

    Custard pudding with a refreshing ginger scent

A custard pudding with a refreshing taste made using seasonal domestic ginger root. The ingredients are simple: ginger, fresh cream, eggs, and sugar. The rich aroma and refreshing taste of ginger spreads in your mouth. Even when frozen, it can be eaten like ice cream, and when partially defrosted, it becomes like a sorbet, and as it is further thawed, it becomes smoother in texture, making it a sweet that can be enjoyed two or three times.

Set of 2 ¥2,100 (tax included, shipping not included)
Set of 4 ¥4,000 (tax included, shipping not included)

・Product contents Ginger Crema Catalana x 2 pieces

・Ingredients: Fresh cream, egg yolk, brown sugar, ginger (contains milk ingredients and eggs)

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  • Chocolate cake with cinnamon butternut sauce

    Chocolate cake arranged in Tokyo style based on a recipe from a star chef in the United States.

This chocolate cake is a Tokyo-style version of the recipe by Union Square Tokyo's chef partner, star chef Michael Anthony, who is attracting attention from all over the United States. The cake is made with Valrhona chocolate and served with cinnamon sauce made from butternut pumpkin. Enjoy whipped cream made with domestic mascarpone and caramelized nuts and pumpkin seeds on top of the cake.

Set of 2 ¥2,800 (tax included, shipping not included)
Set of 4 ¥5,400 (tax included, shipping not included)

・Product contents Chocolate cake x 2 pieces Cinnamon butternut sauce x 2 packs

Whipped × 2 packs Caramel nuts Pumpkin seeds × 2 packs

・Ingredients Chocolate cake: Chocolate, butter, eggs, granulated sugar, soft flour Mascarpone Cream: Mascarpone, fresh cream, granulated sugar, lemon juice, sour cream Caramel nuts Pumpkin seeds: Granulated sugar, pecan nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pistachios , Butternut and Cinnamon Sauce: Butternut Pumpkin, Cinnamon

(Contains milk ingredients, eggs, wheat, soybeans, walnuts, and almonds)

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