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【ユニオン スクエア トウキョウ】秋の味覚を楽しむオータムフェア開催

[Union Square Tokyo] Autumn fair where you can enjoy the taste of autumn

Union Square Tokyo, a New York restaurant, offers simple dishes that make the most of the charm of the ingredients. We are holding an "Autumn Fair" where you can enjoy the aroma and texture of autumn ingredients. We offer fried silk sweets with a distinct sweetness, flatbread made with seasonal mushrooms, and risotto made with domestic venison. Although each dish has a simple cooking method, there is a hidden detail that cannot be seen, reflecting the uniqueness of New York.

[Date] October 16, 2023 (Monday) - November 5, 2023 (Sunday)

[Example of new autumn menu]

・Today's fish crudo (jade eggplant, five-grain rice, yuzu pepper, chivrette, flower spike perilla)

2,400 yen

・Crab cake Carrot chili sauce Carrot salad Persimmon

3,400 yen

・Flatbread (4 types of mushrooms, porcini béchamel, parmesan)

2,200 yen

・Japanese venison risotto (thick shiitake mushroom scamorza afmicata parmigiano)

2,600 yen

*The displayed price includes tax. Service charge will be charged separately.

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