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【ユニオン スクエア トウキョウ】全米注目の凄腕シェフ 来日イベント時の人気料理 販売決定

[Union Square Tokyo] A popular chef who is attracting attention in the United States will sell popular dishes at events in Japan

In mid-May 2023, Union Square Tokyo's chef partner and star chef "Michael Anthony", who is attracting attention from all over the United States, came to Japan. As a commemoration, we held a dinner event for two days and nights, offering a special course devised by Michael himself. The restaurant was full and had a lively atmosphere from beginning to end. All the dishes we provided were well received, but we decided to sell three items that were particularly popular. All of them are gorgeous in presentation and color, and are gems that make the most of the ingredients. We hope that many people will be able to try the taste of a talented chef who continues to receive high praise in the fierce competition of New York.

Start date: June 7, 2023 (Wednesday)

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