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【ピーター・ルーガー】GW&母の日に最適 自宅で手軽に本家熟成肉を堪能できるテイクアウトセット

[Peter Luger] Ideal for GW & Mother's Day Takeout set where you can easily enjoy the original aged meat at home

From April 29th (Sun) to May 14th (Sun), 2023, the Peter Luger Tokyo boutique will sell a limited amount of “Meat Set” and “Cooked Signature Set” to enjoy Golden Week richly.

The 3 types of "meat set" are packed with our proud burger patties .
We usually sell burger patties of 225g, but we offer a special 115g half size.
A 100% beef patty made with minced aged meat and fresh chuck eye rolls.
You can combine it with our original bacon to make a bacon hamburger, or stack two pieces to make a double burger, depending on your preference.
"Cooked signature set" is a full course of 7 classic dishes.
The set consists of carefully selected USDA prime beef baked in a special oven as the main dish, appetizer, salad, side dish, and dessert.

You can easily enjoy authentic aged meat in the comfort of your own home. Please use it for Golden Week meals and Mother's Day celebrations.
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