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[Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo] The ultimate BBQ experience! 1-inch steak BBQ set on sale for a limited time

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Peter Luger Steakhouse Tokyo, the Tokyo branch of the steakhouse founded in Brooklyn, New York 136 years ago, will be selling a sirloin steak BBQ set at a special price as a limited-time takeout item from June 8th (Sat) to August 31st (Sat), 2024.



■ About this BBQ set

We are offering 1-inch steaks this summer only, which you can easily grill at home. 1 inch is 25.4 mm. Juicy sirloin, shipped in by air from the US every week, is aged for at least 28 days in our Tokyo store's aging room, making this a dish we are very proud of. 1-inch steaks are half the thickness of regular steaks, making them easy to eat and easy to cook on your BBQ grill at home, so we recommend them to beginners. A great value raw meat set (burger patty, bacon, buns) that is perfect as a Father's Day gift or to enjoy at home.

The 1-inch steak, which is usually only available on weekday lunch menu items, is not sold raw. Please take this opportunity to try it.




■ Set contents


 Regular price 12,250 yen → Limited time offer 10,000 yen

1inch Steak
Burger Patty
Luger's Bacon

New York
Regular price 14,700 yen → Limited time offer 12,000 yen

1inch Steak
Burger Patty Burger Patty x 2
Buns x 2
Luger Bacon x 2

Burger Set
Regular price 13,400 yen → Limited time offer 12,000 yen

Burger Patty Burger Patty x 4
Buns x 4
Luger Bacon x 4
Luger Sause

1 inch steak
8,000 yen

You can also purchase it separately.

*All prices include tax.



■ Sales period
June 8th (Sat) - August 31st (Sat), 2024

■ How to purchase
Please make a reservation online and pick up your item at the boutique.
Boutique hours: 11:30~15:00, 17:00~21:00

■ Reservations


This summer, enjoy a special time with your family and loved ones with Peter Luger Tokyo's special BBQ set.




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