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[Barbacoa] Starts relief efforts for people affected by massive floods in Brazil

We will be launching a fundraising campaign at our churrasco restaurant "Barbacoa" to help victims and areas affected by the devastating floods that occurred in southern Brazil in May 2024.

The large-scale floods that occurred mainly in southern Brazil in May 2024 have caused extensive damage. The number of people affected has reached millions, with many losing their homes and falling into poverty.

In response to this situation, as part of our efforts to support those affected by the disaster, we will be holding a fundraising campaign at all of our Barbacoa locations, a Brazilian churrasco restaurant.

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to those affected by the recent floods and pray for a speedy recovery.

< Fundraising Overview >

Donation period
June 20, 2024 (Thursday) - November 30, 2024 (Saturday)

Donation boxes will be placed at all Barbacoa stores.

Donation destination
Brazilian Bank Foundation (Fundação Banco do Brasil)

Support provided through donations
All donations will be used to purchase essential items and cover transportation costs to affected areas.

We would appreciate your kind support.

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