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【ハンバーグしおた】新商品 ”和牛2種100%生ハンバーグ” 黄金比の配合により旨味とジューシーさを最大限に引き出した逸品

[Hamburger Shiota] New product “2 types of Japanese beef 100% raw hamburger” A masterpiece that brings out the maximum flavor and juiciness with the golden ratio combination

We will be selling a new hamburger steak from ``Hamburger Shiota'' on our original mail order site ``Wonder Table Mall''.

As part of our food sustainability initiatives, Wonder Table raises calves of Iwate Yamagata Village Tankaku Beef (hereinafter referred to as Tankaku Beef), the rarest Wagyu beef available in Japan, and cooks them at our restaurant. We are working to provide the following information. In order to convey the appeal of Tankaku beef, ``Shiota'' sells a wide variety of products using Tankaku beef through online shops and delivery services. "Shiota" has now released a new product, a hamburger steak made with Tankaku beef and premium Wagyu "Satoyama beef". Shorthorn beef is a rare type of beef that accounts for only 1% of the total meat used , and because it is raised in nature, the meat is low in fat and has a strong flavor. "Satoyama beef" is grass-fed Japanese black beef raised on natural pasture . You can enjoy the original rich flavor of beef packed with the flavor of lean meat. By grinding the Tankaku beef ultra-coarsely to 13mm and the Satoyama beef finely, we maximize the flavor and juiciness of the lean meat, creating a luxurious hamburger steak. The blending ratio is the golden ratio, which was determined through dozens of trial productions. This hamburger is a must-see not only for meat lovers but also for those who are concerned about the environment and health.

Set of 4 100% frozen raw hamburgers from 2 types of Wagyu beef

Price: 4,900 yen Set contents

・Frozen 100% raw beef hamburger steak (shorthorn beef x Satoyama beef) 150g x 4 pieces ・Noda salt x 1 cup ・Smoked noda salt x 1 cup ・Homemade soy sauce malt x 1 cup ・Wild grape balsamic mustard x 1 cup

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