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【テール・ド・トリュフ東京 通販】期間限定 ブランドかぼちゃ”南部一郎”と黒トリュフのチーズケーキ

[Terre de Truffle Tokyo mail order] Limited time brand pumpkin “Nanbu Ichiro” and black truffle cheesecake

Terre de Truffles Tokyo will be selling a special menu using the flavors of autumn, ``Black Truffle and Nanbu Ichiro Pumpkin Cheesecake'' online. Nanbu Ichiro Kabocha is an original variety from Iwate Prefecture that is based on the rare Tsurukubi pumpkin. Grown without using any chemical fertilizers, regular pumpkins have a sugar content of 10 to 12 degrees, but Nambu Ichiro Kabocha is shipped at a sugar content of 15 degrees, and its sugar content is comparable to that of mangoes.

We will be selling a cheesecake that is unique to this time of year, made with Nanbu Ichiro pumpkin, slightly scented with cinnamon and nutmeg, and finished with black truffle. The texture is moist and smooth, and you can enjoy the rich flavor. Recommended for Halloween and souvenirs.

  • Black truffle and Nanbu Ichiro pumpkin cheesecake

Sales price: 5,500 yen (tax included)
Product size: Approximately 10cm in diameter and 5cm in height
Sales period: October 3rd (Tuesday) to 31st (Tuesday), 2023
Sales site:

Note : Delivered by frozen delivery.
・The expiration date is 1 week after receiving the product. After thawing, store in the refrigerator for 4 days. *Please enjoy your meal as soon as possible.
・We will ship the next day at the earliest or 5 days at the maximum after receiving your order.

・Available only within Japan (We do not deliver to remote islands other than the main island of Okinawa.)

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