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【クリスマスケーキ限定発売】NY発モダンフレンチ『ジャン・ジョルジュ トウキョウ』が特別な時間を演出

[Limited Christmas Cake Release] Modern French from New York “Jean-Georges Tokyo” creates a special time

Jean-Georges Tokyo's Christmas cake is popular every year. This year, we will be offering two types: the gorgeous pink "JG Christmas Cake" with the scent of port wine and raspberries, and the rich chocolate cake "JG Christmas Opera." Both cakes are suitable for Christmas for adults.
*Contains alcohol (must not be consumed by minors)

Reservation period: November 1, 2023 (Wednesday) - December 23, 2023 (Saturday)
Sales period: December 18, 2023 (Monday) to December 26, 2023 (Tuesday)

Click here to make a reservation ⇒

*Reception will close as soon as the planned number of machines is sold out.
*Reservations can only be made online (advance payment).
*In-store delivery only. We do not provide delivery.
*Please select your desired time when making a reservation.
*Please note that we cannot accept cancellations.

JG Christmas cake

A pink Christmas cake with an impressive raspberry mousse made with port wine. A gorgeous Christmas cake with the scent of port wine, raspberry, and lychee.

Sales price: 5,500 yen (for approximately 3 to 4 people, approximately 12cm in diameter)
Limited number: 50 pieces (Caution: Contains alcohol)

JG Christmas Opera

A highly aromatic coffee-flavored sponge soaked in brandy and sandwiched with coffee buttercream and spiced ganache. A Christmas cake for adults finished with smooth chocolate glasage.

Sales price: 6,000 yen (for approximately 4 to 5 people, height 14cm x width 14cm)
Limited number: 25 pieces (Caution: Contains alcohol)

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