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【オービカ モッツァレラバー 通販新商品】お店で大人気の”メガサイズ”ティラミス オンラインでも販売開始

[Obica Mozzarella Bar New Product for Mail Order] "Mega Size" Tiramisu, which is very popular in stores, is now also available online

The original mail order site ``Wonder Table Mall'' sells a wide variety of flavors from Wonder Table specialty stores. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new mega size version of Orbica's popular product "Traditional Tiramisu."

At Obica, we sell "Traditional Tiramisu" made by founder Silvio Ursini's Mamma's recipe. Mascarpone from Lombardy mixed with fluffy meringue. Savoyardi infused with rich espresso. A simple tiramisu made by combining these ingredients in a well-balanced manner and finishing with cocoa powder. Served in a bowl-like container, it has been a popular standard item since the company opened, as it is a satisfying size.

Due to the recent resurgence of the tiramisu boom, stores sold a tiramisu twice the size of the regular size for a limited time, and it was so popular that they extended the sale. Furthermore, we will also start selling it online so you can enjoy it at home.

The size is the same as the double size that is sold in stores. We use decaffeinated coffee so that children and pregnant women can enjoy it with peace of mind.

  • Traditional mega size tiramisu

Price: 2,300 yen (tax included)

Traditional Tiramisu 400g x 1 piece

Cookie cocoa powder 20g x 1 bag

Purchase site products/obica-tiramisu-mega

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