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【オービカ モッツァレラバー】日本上陸15周年イベント第1弾 さまざまな商品が当たる”ガチャガチャ”実施

[Obika Mozzarella Bar] 15th anniversary event in Japan "Gacha Gacha" where you can win various products

Obika Mozzarella Bar celebrates its 15th anniversary in Japan. To commemorate this, the first event will be held from May 22nd (Monday) to June 15th (Thursday), 2023, where you can win various products.

Except for some stores (*1), you can spin the gacha gacha once for every 5,000 yen or more spent (10,000 yen twice, 15,000 yen 3 times).

The prizes of "Gacha Gacha" are items that can be used next time, such as Obica's proud water buffalo mozzarella cheese "Mozzarella Classica 80g", truffle pizza "Tartufo", and premium wine "Ferrari Organic Bottle". A dinner course invitation ticket is also included as a treasure item.

・Implementation period: May 22nd (Monday) to June 15th (Thursday), 2023
・ All stores

*1 Only at the Tokyo Midtown store, you can spin the “Gacha Gacha” once for every ¥2,000 or more spent.

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