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【オービカ モッツァレラバー】南イタリアの情熱と食文化を五感で味わう 南イタリアフェア開催!

[Obica Mozzarella Bar] Experience the passion and food culture of Southern Italy with all your senses at the Southern Italy Fair!

Obica Mozzarella Bar will be holding the Southern Italy Fair from Tuesday, July 16th to Sunday, September 1st, 2024, where you can enjoy local cuisine from Southern Italy.

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Southern Italian local cuisine where you can enjoy summer ingredients

Recommended menu

OBICA's proud Campania buffalo mozzarella : the rich flavor of buffalo milk and the chewy texture are amazing.

Caprese with seasonal white peach and Puglia burrata : The sweetness of seasonal white peach and the milky flavor of melted burrata create an exquisite harmony.

Sicilian antipasto made with summer vegetables and seafood : You can fully enjoy the colorful summer vegetables and the delicious flavor of fresh seafood.

Trapani-style pasta with seasonal mussels : A classic southern Italian pasta dish, with fragrant basil and plump mussels.

Sicilian Shaved Ice Watermelon Granita : A traditional Sicilian shaved ice perfect for the hot summer. The refreshing sweetness of watermelon fills your mouth.

Enjoy Southern Italian local cuisine that makes the most of summer ingredients.

Perfect pairing with food! Southern Italian wines and cocktails

We will offer southern Italian wines that can be paired with the food, as well as low-alcohol, refreshing Italian Hard Seltzer.

Italian Hard Seltzer: A low-alcohol, refreshing cocktail made by combining vermouth and the Sicilian orange liqueur "Arancello" with soda and tonic. Perfect for sipping in the summer.

Moretti Limone Ladrelle: A blend of lemonade made from 100% Sicilian lemon juice and Moretti's proud beer. The refreshing aroma and sourness of lemon, moderate sweetness, and the pleasant bitterness of beer linger. A low-alcohol beer perfect for quenching your thirst in the summer. (1.5% alcohol)

We also offer the new Italian food culture "Apericena" style.

You can also enjoy the "OBICA Apericena Set", which includes a colorful appetizer platter and one drink.

*Apericena is a new style of dining in Italy. It is a portmanteau of aperitivo (aperitivo time) and aperitivo (dinner), and is a style in which you enjoy plenty of snacks served during aperitivo time, which then becomes dinner.

OBICA Southern Italy Fair

Period: Tuesday, July 16th to Sunday, September 1st, 2024
Location: All OBICA stores

Enjoy a special summer evening as if you were in Italy.

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