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【オービカ モッツァレラバー】全7品の丸ごとイタリアンな母の日コース”Festa della Mamma”

[Obika Mozzarella Bar] All 7 Italian Mother's Day Course "Festa della Mamma"

At Obica, we offer a Mother's Day course " Festa della Mamma " where you can enjoy a whole Italian meal, from appetizers to desserts.

A lineup of products that represent Obica, such as pizza tartufo using Umbrian truffles and tagliata of beef rib roast.

After the meal, you can enjoy “Traditional Tiramisu”, which is an arrangement of the recipe by Mamma, the founder Silvio Ursini.

In addition, we will prepare a thank you message for your mother only for customers who have made a reservation in advance.

It is a hearty course where you can enjoy all 7 dishes.

Festa della Mamma
¥6,500 per person (tax included) from 2 people
Offer period: May 7th (Sun) to 14th (Sun)
Available stores: Roppongi Hills store, Takanawa store, Nishi-Shinjuku store, Yokohama store, Umeda store Reservations will be accepted from the official website on Thursday, April 27th.

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