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【オービカ モッツァレラバー】メガサイズ”ティラミス” 期間限定販売

[Obika Mozzarella Bar] Mega size "Tiramisu" limited time sale

Obika sells "Traditional Tiramisu" based on the recipe of Mamma, the founder Silvio Ursini.
Lombardy mascarpone mixed with fluffy meringue. Savoiardi soaked in rich espresso.
It is a simple tiramisu that combines them in a well-balanced manner and finishes with cocoa powder.
It has been a popular standard product since its opening because it is served in a bowl-like bowl and has a size that is satisfying to eat.

Recently, due to the revival of the tiramisu boom, its sales have gained momentum, and since January 2023, the number of sales has increased by 10% every month.
Until now, one tiramisu was shared by multiple people, but more and more customers are enjoying one tiramisu.
I want to eat more of Obika's tiramisu. I want to eat, but I want a little more volume.
In order to meet the customer's desire to eat, we have decided to sell mega-sized tiramisu.

It weighs 400g and is twice as big as normal.
You can share it with everyone, of course, you can enjoy it even if you keep it to yourself.

We hope that you will enjoy tiramisu to your heart's content and enjoy the exquisite feeling.

Traditional Tiramisu Grande 2300 yen (tax included)
Sales period September 8th (Friday) to September 18th (Monday), 2023
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