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インナープロジェクト ”Big Smile プロジェクト 2023 ~Big smile, Big Happiness~”始動 ホスピタリティの根幹となる「笑顔」習得を強化

Inner project “Big Smile Project 2023 ~Big smile, Big Happiness~” started Strengthening the acquisition of “smile” which is the basis of hospitality

The “Big Smile Project” was born at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. At the time of the earthquake, there was a general mood in the world to refrain from eating out, and it was difficult for people to use our stores. Therefore, we implemented a plan to cheer up customers with genuine smiles and donate 1% of sales to relief funds. Our goal is to create opportunities for customers to eat out, provide smiles to customers who visit our restaurant, and have them leave with a smile on their faces. Furthermore, in 2014, we implemented the second "Big Smile Project" and by measuring the penetration of smiles in line with the idea of ​​hospitality, we have been able to improve our company-wide service level. Based on this background, Nikkei BP published "Customer Service Techniques with a Smile". Before we knew it, "smiles" became a part of Wonder Table's culture, such as "Everyone's Smile Check," where staff members check each other's smiles once every three months and those who pass are awarded "Big Smile" badges.

However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus that occurred in 2020, we were forced to wear masks. Communication through masks will continue every day, not only when serving customers, but also when talking with other staff members. Now that we are out of the coronavirus pandemic, we are back to the days when we take off our masks and communicate. However, during this time, very few people understood the significance of the ``smile'' that they were so obsessed with back then.

Therefore, in order to once again strengthen the learning of "smiling," we have started the "Big Smile Project 2023 " with the theme of "Big smile, Big Happiness ." There are three contents. The first is an update to smile training. Under the guidance of Mr. Takiko of [Smile Training ®], all employees reaffirmed the "smile" training method and its importance online and offline, and acquired the skills necessary to instruct subordinate employees. Masu. The second step is to spread awareness of the project using e-learning. We will convey the importance of smiling to all employees who will be joining the company from now on, and will continue to improve their skills. The third is the renewal of the “Big Smile” badge. When we first created the restaurant, we used yellow and red to create a bright and lively impression, with the concept of bringing smiles to customers while dining out. In this updated version, we used white because we want to give customers a sense of security along with a smile. The “Big Smile” badge is given to staff who work hard to learn how to smile on a daily basis and are able to actually make people around them smile.

By reinforcing "smiles," we aim to not only improve communication between employees and improve the level of customer service, but also foster teamwork and reduce turnover. We will spread the impression that ``Wonder Table is associated with smiles'' both inside and outside the company, create a bright and comfortable workplace, and strengthen the acquisition of ``smiles,'' which are the basis of hospitality.

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