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【よなよなビアワークス】Xmasテイクアウト販売 国産伊達鶏のローストチキン

[Yona Yona Beer Works] Christmas takeout sale Domestic date roast chicken

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At Yona Yona Beer Works, we will be selling roasted domestic date chicken for a limited time only, perfect for Christmas at home. The Date chickens we use are raised on safe feed, mainly plant-based feed. It is grown to a size suitable for roast chicken, and has a soft, crunchy texture with little chicken odor. The date chicken is marinated in a homemade soup based on the aroma of tree roe, the gentle flavor of flat kettle salt from Okinawa, and black pepper. By slowly grilling the meat from scratch, the outside is crispy and the inside is plump and juicy, with a delicious flavor and just the right amount of softness.

For Christmas at home this year, please enjoy Yona Yona Beer Works' roast chicken.

Product name: Domestic date roast chicken Price: Half size 2,100 yen Full size 4,000 yen Delivery date: December 22nd (Friday) to 25th (Monday), 2023
Reservation method: Please call each Yona Yona Beer Works store directly to make a reservation.Pickup location: Pick up at each Yona Yona Beer Works store.Store information:

*The displayed price includes tax.

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