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【よなよなビアワークス】激辛グルメと極上クラフトビールのマリアージュ 「激辛フェア」開催

[Yona Yona Beer Works] "Super Spicy Fair" to be held, combining super spicy gourmet food with the finest craft beer

From Friday, May 10th to Sunday, June 9th, 2024, we will be holding a “Super Spicy Fair” at Yona Yona Ale's official beer restaurant, Yona Yona Beer Works.

For a limited time, all Yona Yona Beerwork stores will be offering three super spicy items that go perfectly with craft beer.

【Product line-up】

Hot octopus carpaccio 750 yen

A unique hot carpaccio made with chilled, tender water octopus coated in extremely spicy picante oil.

The homemade salsa sauce and refreshing lime flavor go perfectly with craft beer.

Recommended pairing: Yamanoue Newi

Super spicy shrimp chili 1,100 yen

A stimulating spiciness with homemade chili sauce and a unique blend of spice powders.

A masterpiece for the spicy adventurer

Recommended pairing: Karuizawa Kogen Beer Craftsaurus Brut IPA

Super spicy pork cutlet 980 yen

This dish is made with pork meat and crispy dried bread crumbs, and the stimulating green chili sauce gives it a challenging spiciness. It is a delicious dish that perfectly combines spiciness and umami.

Recommended pairing: Indian Blue Demon

*All prices include tax.

[Plan Background]

Yona Yona Beerworks is always taking on new challenges to deliver the best experience to craft beer lovers. The upcoming "Super Spicy Fair" was planned with the hope that by offering super spicy products that go well with craft beer, people will be able to enjoy a slightly different taste than before.

[Limited time event]

This "Super Spicy Fair" will be held for a limited time only from Friday, May 10th to Sunday, June 9th, 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the blissful harmony of craft beer and super spicy food at Yona Yona Beer Works.

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