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【よなよなビアワークス】新製品クラフトビール「僕ビール君ビール ジョーカーくん」先行開栓 どこよりも早く味わえる

[Yona Yona Beer Works] New craft beer “Boku Beer-kun Beer Joker-kun” will be opened in advance and you can taste it earlier than anywhere else

``Yona Yona Beer Works'' is the official Yona Yona Ale beer restaurant where you can enjoy the widest selection of Yo-Ho Brewing's draft beers. From November 14th (Tuesday), the original craft beer "Boku Beer-kun Beer Joker-kun" jointly developed by Yo-ho Brewing and Lawson will be released in limited quantities at Lawson, Natural Lawson, and Seijo Ishii liquor stores nationwide. Yes (*1). Prior to this, "Yona Yona Beer Works" will open the same product in advance from November 7th (Tuesday) (*2). Every time we open a limited edition beer, we receive a flood of die-hard fans, so we expect a similar effect this time as well. In addition, for a limited time, we will also have a pairing food, “Eringi Semolina Fritto.” We hope that through the sale of ``Boku Beer-kun Beer Joker-kun,'' more people will learn about ``Yona Yona Beer Works.''

*1 Some stores may not carry it.
*2 It will end as soon as it runs out.

“Boku Beer-kun Beer Joker-kun”

Joker-kun, the first official rival in the series, invites you to spend a little more time than usual.

The product concept is ``Items for cheat days where you can enjoy the night a little loosely.'' The package depicts ``Joker-kun,'' the official rival of series character ``Frog-kun.'' This is the first time that an official rival has appeared. The clown nose, which resembles the Joker from playing cards, is its charm point.

A deep aroma and light taste reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruits.

To make it easier for people who don't usually drink beer to pick it up, we have adopted a beer style called "Session IPA" which has a lower alcohol content and a lighter taste compared to regular IPA (India Pale Ale). did. By combining various hops, we create a gorgeous yet deep aroma reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruits. Although it has a light taste, it has a complex taste that makes you want to keep drinking it without getting tired of it. Please compare "Boku Beer-kun Beer" and "Boku Beer-kun Beer Joker-kun" and enjoy the difference in aroma and taste.

King king semolina frit

Sales period: November 7th (Tuesday) to November 12th (Sunday)
Price 650 yen

I sprinkled the king king mushrooms with semolina flour and made them into frites. The coating is thin, the texture is crispy, and the crispy texture of the eringi mushrooms is addictive. Add herbal salt and a squeeze of lime if you like.

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