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【よなよなビアワークス】数量限定 ホップのアロマをふんだんに感じられるクラフトビール ”FAC Pale 2024#1” 販売

[Yona Yona Beer Works] Limited quantity craft beer “FAC Pale 2024#1” with plenty of hop aroma on sale

On Monday, March 11, 2024, a limited quantity of “FAC Pale 2024#1” will be sold at Yona Yona Ale’s official beer restaurant “Yona Yona Beer Works”.

”FAC Pale 2024#1” is a beer with a refreshing citrus aroma derived from the American hops used in the main beer. A limited quantity will be sold at Yona Yona Beer Works. It will end as soon as it runs out, so please purchase as soon as possible.

What is FAC?
It is an acronym for the Fantastic Aroma Club, a team at Yoho Brewing, which produces craft beers such as Yona Yona Ale, that researches the aroma of beer. Previously, ``FAC IPA 2022'', a product of the same series, won a gold medal in the ``American IPA'' category at the International Beer Cup, one of the world's five major beer fairs. (*1)

*1 List of International Beer Cup 2022 winning beers

FAC Pale 2024#1

Beer Style American Pale Ale

Alcohol content 5.5%

Price Small 820 yen Regular 1,200 yen

Pint 1,500 yen

Sales start date: March 11, 2024 (Monday)

*Limited quantity. It will end as soon as it runs out.

*All prices shown include tax.

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