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【よなよなビアワークス】地産池消に貢献するビール 「軽井沢高原ビール2024年限定」新発売

[Yona Yona Beer Works] Beer that contributes to local production for local consumption “Karuizawa Kogen Beer 2024 Limited” new release

*Actually served in a glass rather than a can.

Karuizawa Kogen Beer is limited to all of Nagano Prefecture, centered on Karuizawa, and different beer styles are released every year. The 25th ``2024 Limited'' beer style is ``Session Red Ale.'' It is a refreshing and easy-drinking beer with a low alcohol content and enjoys the sourness and aroma of hops. At Yona Yona Beer Works, the barrels will be opened on Wednesday, January 17th, and limited quantities will be on sale.

Karuizawa 2023 is still on sale, so you can now enjoy comparing the drinks.

Karuizawa Kogen Beer 2024 Limited

Small 720 yen Regular 980 yen Pint 1,250 yen On sale at all Yona Yona Beer Works stores

*Limited quantity. It will end as soon as it runs out.
*All prices shown include tax.

What is Karuizawa Kogen Beer?

“Karuizawa Kogen Beer” is based on the concept of “For the town” and aims to be a local beer that is loved by everyone in Karuizawa. It has been selling since 1997, making it Karuizawa's oldest craft beer brand. Currently, 3 types, 2 standard types + 1 limited edition, are available for purchase throughout Nagano Prefecture, including Karuizawa. In addition, Karuizawa Kogen Beer is engaged in the following initiatives where drinking helps protect Karuizawa's beautiful nature.

①Using local agricultural products from Karuizawa as raw materials

Some of our products use Yumekaori wheat grown locally in Karuizawa. Most of the ingredients for beer are imported, except for water. In order to promote local production for local consumption, Karuizawa Kogen Beer has been working for seven years since 2016 to sell products made with locally produced wheat locally. “Yumekaori” is used as part of the raw materials in “2024 Limited” as well. The production of Yumekaori is carried out in cooperation with Greenfield Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of JA Saku Asama), which promotes wheat cultivation as part of the utilization of idle farmland in Karuizawa.

Greenfield Co., Ltd.:

A local company engaged in agricultural management to utilize idle and dilapidated farmland.

② Reusing malt lees and providing it to neighboring farmers for 27 years

The malt residue produced during beer production is provided to neighboring farmers as fertilizer for their crops. The main ingredients of beer are malt, hops, water, and yeast. When brewing beer, malt lees (malt lees) are always generated during the process of adding malt to hot water to make wort. Malt meal is a resource that can be used as fertilizer because it still contains the nutrients necessary for crop growth.

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