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【よなよなビアワークス】バニラのような優しい香りのビール「バレルフカミダス Batch No.59」 限定販売

[Yona Yona Beer Works] Beer with a gentle scent like vanilla “Barrel Fukamidas Batch No.59” Limited sale

*Actually served in a glass rather than a can.

“Barrel Fuka Midas Batch No.59” will be sold for a limited time at Yona Yona Ale’s official beer restaurant “Yona Yona Beer Works” .

``Barrel Fuka Midas'' uses the ``barrel age technique'' of aging beer in wooden barrels used in the production of whiskey and wine. This aging process transfers the aroma of the whiskey left in the wooden barrel, creating a deeper flavor, resulting in a craft beer with more complexity and depth. The taste changes depending on the type of wooden barrel, condition, aging period, and blend, so each product has a completely different taste. This time, the limited sale is Barrel Fukamidas Batch No.59 . In addition to the wood aroma from the wooden barrels, you can enjoy a pleasant taste that combines a gentle vanilla-like aroma and a mellow sweetness. If you enjoy it after a meal like a dessert drink, you can enjoy the smoky wood scent that comes from the wooden barrel. It's not too heavy, so it's also recommended for those who are new to barrel-aged beer.

Barrel Fukamidasu Batch No.59

Beer Style Barrel Aged Beer Alcohol Content 12.5%
Price 180ml 980 yen Sales start date Scheduled for early February Please check the official website for details on the limited sale.

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