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【よなよなビアワークス オンライン新商品】たっぷり飴色玉ねぎカレーとラクレットソーセージのセット

[Yona Yona Beer Works Online New Product] Plenty of caramelized onion curry and raclette sausage set

The original mail order site "Wonder Table Mall" sells a wide variety of flavors from Wonder Table specialty stores.

Yona Yona Ale's official beer restaurant "Yona Yona Beer Works" will sell a new product " Yona Yona Curry & Raclette Sausage" .
Yona Yona Curry is characterized by the use of plenty of onions that have been fried until they turn amber, commonly known as "candy". By adding "candy", it brings a deep sweetness and richness to the curry. Special spices, carrots, grated garlic, etc. are added to it and slowly stewed. Raclette sausage is stuffed with plenty of cheese "raclette" cut into large pieces in domestic minced pork. When heated, the cheese melts from inside.

In fact, Yona Yona Curry is a luxurious gourmet curry that was served at lunchtime and at beer gardens where spots were held.

By eating the melted cheese and sausage gravy with the curry, you can enjoy a taste like no other. If you like, enjoy it with a fruity fragrant ale beer.

Yona Yona curry & raclette sausage 2 meals set 3,000 yen (tax included)
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